Caring for the children of Sierra Leone

- One in five will die before reaching age five. - 57% will never learn to read. - 340,000 are without parents.

All As One is the last chance for many of these most vulnerable children.  We provide them with love, a home, three meals a day, an on-site accredited school, health care, counseling, and most of all…a family.  Since the year 2000, our targeted interventions have provided essential basic needs and helped save the lives of over 35,000 kids.  They now have futures and unlimited potential to positively change their country and the world.

These children matter -- and you matter to them!  Please join us!

Helping all we at a time.

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Deanna Wallace
AAO Executive Director

Twenty years ago, in July 1997, All As One was born. At the time, I was a 38-year-old, single mom to eight children, and back at university as a full-time student. I didn’t have a lot of personal resources, but I did have one big dream — I wanted to use my life to REALLY TRY to make a difference for orphaned and abandoned children.

Over the years, this dream has become a reality. People caught sight of the vision, and came alongside to help. Children’s lives have been positively changed forever. Some children have received new families, some have been restored to health after severe illnesses or malnutrition, some have had a their futures opened up through education...and the list goes on.

Month after month, year after year, even through the darkest moments, YOU have helped make sure the children’s needs are met. I’m amazed and humbled by that, and so deeply grateful.

Today, we are still working and hoping to keep caring for the kids. We’re exploring ways to become more self-sustaining, but we aren’t there yet. In the midst of this, the children still need to eat and have a safe place to live. As I mentioned last month, the children’s needs don’t end, just because we’re short on funds. Your care and support is the children’s hope and lifeline.  Please give in all the ways you can today.

Azania speaks about our urgent need...

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