Caring for the children of Sierra Leone

- One in five will die before reaching age five. - 57% will never learn to read. - 340,000 are without parents.

All As One is the last chance for many of these most vulnerable children.  We provide them with love, a home, three meals a day, an on-site accredited school, health care, counseling, and most of all…a family.  Since the year 2000, our targeted interventions have provided essential basic needs and helped save the lives of over 35,000 kids.  They now have futures and unlimited potential to positively change their country and the world.

These children matter -- and you matter to them!  Please join us!

Helping all we at a time.

- Latest News - 

Deanna Wallace
AAO Executive Director

I hope you are all enjoying your summers! I’ll save you some reading time, this month, by just saying that things are very much the same at the Children’s Center. As always, we have a big need for funds. And, as always, we deeply appreciate every little bit that you can give. I don’t know how we even make it through each month, but, somehow, we are still here. Something greater is at work that is beyond my scope of reason! And I promise that we will stay open, helping the kids, for as long as we possibly can. We are constantly at work, behind the scenes, trying to drum up funding or find a way to be more self-sustaining. If you have a mind or talent for either of those areas, we are open to hearing any and all ideas!

But, for now, I’ll just share some of the latest pictures that have come in from the Center. The kids’ smiles are always an incredible boost for me, and seeing them renews my dedication every month. Enjoy, and please give as you are able. Thank you! 

Azania speaks about our urgent need...

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