Caring for the children of Sierra Leone

- One in five will die before reaching age five. - 57% will never learn to read. - 340,000 are without parents.

All As One is the last chance for many of these most vulnerable children.  We provide them with love, a home, three meals a day, an on-site accredited school, health care, counseling, and most of all…a family.  Since the year 2000, our targeted interventions have provided essential basic needs and helped save the lives of over 35,000 kids.  They now have futures and unlimited potential to positively change their country and the world.

These children matter -- and you matter to them!  Please join us!

Helping all we at a time.

- Latest News - 

One of our former All As One children, David Raizes, is currently a starter on the University of Central Florida's men’s soccer team. They recently released a feature story on his incredible journey from Sierra Leone to his adoption and life in the United States. We are so proud of David, and are thrilled that his story is being shared! To read the article, click here.

Ebola Update:

CALL TO ACTION!  As of this moment, all of the children and staff at All As One are free from Ebola.  We are working hard to do what we can to try to make sure it stays that way – with many safeguards and preventative measures in place.  Along with this health crisis comes huge inflation and rising prices for food and supplies.  This is impacting our budget and our ability to provide basic needs for the children, so we are asking for more support in this area.

The number of Ebola orphans is also rising, and we expect that our services will be needed long into the future, even after the epidemic is contained.  Sierra Leone’s infrastructure, which was very weak, has once again been devastated.  We are seeing things as bad or worse than during the civil war there.  So much needs to be done to help!

We plan to continue our work to build a better future for the children and people of Sierra Leone, but we can’t do it without YOU.  Please give generously TODAY.

Azania speaks about our urgent need...

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